KISS Cadillac Videos

The story of the KISS visit to Cadillac has been well documented over the years. It's an enduring story that will not die. However, not much video exists of the 1975 visit.


Remember, everything was done on film in 1975, there was no digital video. Only one TV  station filmed the event, a public broadcast station from Delta College near Saginaw. That film was "lost or appropriated" and it was not until 25 years later that some of that footage was rediscovered. So, not much of the original footage exists, but much has been done since then to document this legendary event. 


This video is a compilation of the KISS Cadillac Homecoming 40th Anniversary Celebration in October of 2015. 

This KISStory is by the Cadillac News. 

This video was "unearthed" and put on Youtube on July 16, 2022. This is rare, never seen before footage. Absolutely amazing. 

On February 28, 2010, ESPN presented the story of the KISS visit to Cadillac on their Outside The Lines program.

ESPN Print version of Outside the Lines
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I happened to be in Flint, MI when I saw KISS in 1974 on ABC In Concert. No one in Cadillac saw this because Cadillac had no ABC station. 

Compare the In Concert video with this snippet from the Cadillac concert. Pretty similar.

Cadillac News journalist Jeff Brodle did extensive interviews with all the key people in the 1975 KISS visit. Here are his You Tube Videos with interviews telling the whole story