Cadillac KISStory Tour

It has been called one of the Top 10 Stories in the history of Rock and Roll. The 1975 KISS concert in the Cadillac High School gym has been recognized as one of the Top 30 concerts in Michigan Rock and Roll history. The story has attained legendary status. 


Now you can be a part of KISStory by taking the virtual Cadillac KISStory Tour. You'll visit the KISStorical sites, see videos of Jim Neff offering commentary, and stand at the magnificent KISS Cadillac Monument.


Go to KISSCADILLAC.COM for this awesome experience


As Seen on WNEM television...

Cadillac KISStory Brochure

The Cadillac KISSStory Brochure is available at the Cadillac Area Visitors Bureau located in the old firehouse in downtown Cadillac. 

Cadillac KISStory Tour Brochure
Download and print.
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The Walking Tour

One way to see the Cadillac KISStory tour is to walk the route. Beginning at the KISS Cadillac Monument, just follow the map to each of the four KISStorical Site Markers. The whole trek is just 2.4 miles and encompasses some wonderful Cadillac scenery. Videos for the tour stops are at KISSCADILLAC.COM

KISStory Tour Route
Step-by-step walking guide for the Cadillac KISStory Tour.
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The KISS Monument Photo Gallery

One of the cool things to do while on the Cadillac KISStory tour is to stand next to the KISS Monument for a photo opportunity. A gallery of these photos is on the Monument page