KISS brought their “End Of The Road” tour to Grand Rapids on March 9, 2019 and it was a night to remember for KISS Cadillac fans. As you looked around the crowd it was easy to spot all the KISS Cadillac tee shirts as fans were present in full force. 


The stage show was filled with pyrotechnics, special effects, and a classic set list of songs. It was a spectacular KISS farewell. 


Even with all that, there was something even more memorable for KISS Cadillac fans. In his comments prior to KISS performing “Do You Love Me,” Paul Stanley recognized Cadillac as one of the places in Michigan KISS loves. Having Cadillac mentioned from the stage was a great honor. 


Then it got even better. During the song as a collage of KISS memories were shown on a giant video screen and several Cadillac photos and video clips were prominent. Seeing  those legendary KISS Cadillac images included in a KISS show was an ultimate tribute to the KISS Cadillac connection.  


For me, this capped off a fantastic night. I attended the concert with my brother, Rob. We've been going to concerts together for six decades or so. We got our picture taken with KISS , had All Access Passes, and were treated to premium seats. I also fulfilled a personal wish and got a picture with Doc McGhee (the band's long time manager). 


This may have been the “End Of The Road” tour for KISS, but the KISS Cadillac saga never seems to end. It will always stand as one of the most legendary stories in the history of Rock and Roll. 


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Watch this video of "Do You Love Me." At the beginning Paul mentions Cadillac and at the 3:30 mark there is an array of Cadillac photos and video clips. Awesome!



Cadillac has always been a key part of KISS history. The connection between Cadillac and KISS is now being recognized in the official KISS “End of the Road” Tour Book.


Inside the tour book, every tour in the band's history is highlighted. For each of those tours a significant fact about that tour is featured. The fact chosen for the “Alive Tour (1975-76)” is the KISS visit to Cadillac High School in 1975. Located at the top of page eight of the book, the caption reads: “The band visits Cadillac to celebrate KISS Day in honor of the high school football team's amazing KISS-inspired winning streak.”


The bond formed by that 1975 visit continues to this day. Cadillac is home to the only KISS Monument in the world, a touchstone for KISS fans everywhere. More information at:



The KISS “End of the Road” Tour Book is only available at concerts on the tour schedule ( A flip-through of the tour book by can be seen at:  



KISS brought the Freedom To Rock Tour to Grand Rapids on August 13. The show was awesome. The Neff family got to attend the Meet & Greet before the show. Gene gave me a hug and said: "Jim, we're still here." I replied: "Yes, we sure are." 


Here are some photos from the concert. 



At the Saginaw concert on August 15, Veteran Roadies For the Day were Roger Bandeen (right) and Jerry Benson (left) of Cadillac. What a great honor it was to have these heroes representing Cadillac. Here they are backstage with Gene Simmons.