"Cadillac High" Movie

There is a movie in the works tentatively titled "Cadillac High." Producers headquartered in the Los Angeles area have been diligently working on putting this together for about five years. It is a laborious process, but progress is being made. The movie will not be a documentary, but rather a full-fledged feature film about a small northern Michigan town that pulls off one of the greatest events in the history of rock and roll. Stay tuned for further updates. 


SPECIAL NOTICE: The Cadillac High movie project continues to move forward. Part of the effort involves locating any and all film footage from the 1975 KISS visit to Cadillac. There was no video or digital capability in 1975, so any footage would be in either 8mm or 16mm film format. The movie producers are interested in all footage regardless of its length. If you have any film of the 1975 event or know someone who does, please fill out the contact form at http://kisscadillac.com/contact-us/.  


Here are articles about the proposed movie: 


March 28, 2015: Cadillac News front page article -- Ready to rock. 

Ready to Rock
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