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Consent to Use Story, Quote, Photograph, or Recording

The Submitter of stories, quotes, photographs, recordings, film, or other personal biographical information (collectively “Materials”) to the Cadillac Kisstory Project hereby grants to James D. Neff including his successors, sponsors, employees, distributors, licensees and assigns (collectively, the “Publisher”), the unrestricted permission, right and license to use the Materials and to reproduce, exhibit, broadcast, advertise and exploit all or any part of the Materials in any media chosen by the Publisher.


The Submitter represents that she/he is the sole source of the Materials and has the authority to grant the rights contained in this agreement. The submitter also represents that the submission does not infringe upon anyone’s copyright.


The Submitter consents to use of the Materials in any story, quote, photograph, recording or other media produced by or on behalf of the Publisher. The Submitter is aware that the Materials may be published by the Publisher in print, in electronic publications,  in current media and media yet to be invented, and may be released to news media and others in connection with the promotion or publicizing of the activities of the Publisher.


The Submitter grants permission to use his/her name or likeness and biographical data in connection with publication of the Materials, and/or the use of his/her personal story or quote under a pseudonym.


The Publisher shall own any copyright and all other intellectual property rights in the Materials. The Submitter waives any demand for compensation and waives any claim to any moral rights or any violation of rights to privacy, publicity or confidentiality under any statute or common law in connection with any use of the Materials.


The Publisher proposes to act in reliance on this Consent, therefore the Submitter declares it to be irrevocable, and releases the Publisher from any and all claims, liability, actions or demands whatsoever in connection with the use of the Materials as provided in this Consent. 


The Submitter agrees to pay in full all costs and attorney fees of the Publisher if the Submitter initiates litigation arising from the submission of Materials. The Publisher shall retain any and all recovery resulting from such litigation.


I (the Submitter) have read the agreement in its entirety and hereby represent that I fully and completely understand all of the terms, conditions, and obligations contained therein.  Furthermore, I understand that I have been given sufficient opportunity to consult an attorney of my choice  for advice and counsel before submitting Materials. 


The affirmative act of submission is understood and agreed by both parties to be their signature.  

Consent to use story quote, photograph, or recording
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